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Library Relocation Services

Pre-Move Preparation



Thorough and detailed planning is the key to success in any large project. BiblioTech's method of planning encompasses all facets preparation of your project.

  • Budget Estimates
  • Project Bid Specifications
  • Site Survey/Collections Inventory
  • Feasibility/Growth/Layout Studies
  • Collection Layout
  • BiblioplanTM Computer Assisted Integration/Segregation/Reclassification
  • Special Collections/Rare Book Pre-move Evaluation and Preparation
  • Alternative Media Forms
  • Comprehensive Move Plan
  • Customer Orientation

Because of our extensive job experience, we have the ability to identify areas of concern, address all your questions and anticipate potential problems. By working closely with you, we can eliminate any surprises that may lead to expensive down-time during the project.

Detailed site survey, collection inventory, and BiblioPlanTM generated integration, segregation and reclassification computer planning lead to accurate collection layouts and to a comprehensive move plan responsive to your particular schedule and special needs.


Library of Virginia, 1996-1997



BiblioTech takes every step to insure that all is in readiness before a single volume is moved. These additional services can include:

  • Collection Cleaning
  • Collection Preservation and Packaging
  • Security Strip Application
  • Bar-code Technology Implementation
  • Special Collection Pre-move Packaging
  • Collection Reclassification/Retrospective Conversion

Building layout, match-marking and color-coding of furniture and equipment, installation of building protection, as well as the extensive training and orientation of all involved, completes the pre-move preparation process.


University of California, San Diego



Once planning and preparation of your project is complete, BiblioTech delivers professional performance.

  • Project Management
    • Onsite supervision
    • Monitor performance and productivity
    • Coordinate and schedule all project activities
  • Collection Relocation
    • Shelf to shelf
    • Integration
    • Segregation
    • Reclassification
    • Special collections and rare books
    • Alternate media forms
  • Shelving Relocation
    • New
    • Existing
    • Static
    • Compact
  • Furniture Relocation
    • Office furniture
    • Systems furniture
    • Public area furniture
    • Specialty furniture
  • Equipment and Fixtures
    • Computers
    • Audio-visual
    • Communications