Filemaker Development - Expert Databases - Software Prototyping

"The process of creating a well-planned database in a cost-effective way is similar to designing
a solid building: one must have a blueprint. Significant alterations after the beginning of construction
tend to raise the budget -- simply because the structure has to be re-built several times."

Hello, I am a senior Filemaker consultant. I create, design and fix user-friendly databases, import, export, convert
and correct data using Filemaker versions 11, 10-9-8-7-6 etc, Filemaker Server, MS Access 2007, '03, '97,
anticipating your present and future needs. I specialize in building robust Client-Server (front-end/back-end) solutions,
modules and reports to work with SQL data, etc. for small to medium size corporations/departments, ranging
from single user systems to 50 or more workstations connected through Wide Are Networks in multiple states.

Clients include
Bloomberg Link, BBC Wordlwide Americas, Christine Quinn, Columbia University, Dogmatic,
The Meat Packing District Initiative, General Electric, Hughes, Lee Daniels Entertainment, ICCF,
JPL/NASA, Price Waterhouse and The State Archives of Delaware

Please see the website below for an example of work: